Homers for Hudi

One of the RISD Coaches is in need. The Lake Highlands Softball Coach and sister to Coach Baker at Berkner needs the help of Ram Nation. See below about her son Hudson.

Hudson had a cardiac event that was caused by the Mono Virus on April 16. Hudi has been in ICU for 2 ½ weeks, and is still fighting. After he was stabilized, a few days after arriving at Children’s Hospital, they discovered that he has Sepsis, which has been slowing down all progress. Antibiotics have appeared to start attacking the infection in the past couple of days. They can’t get him off of any of the machines he’s hooked up to until that infection is gone, because it’s not allowing anything to heal or function properly. The right side of his heart needs to start healing and/or showing function, or we might have to look at a heart transplant. On top of all of that, they discovered that at some point there was a stroke. When his paralytic is lifted, he is showing good signs of recognition and activity. He responds to seeing his mother (Kelly) and gives the “crazy eyebrows” to the nurses because he doesn’t know them, which is a good sign.

LH Softball team and the Berkner Softball team have put together a fundraiser that will take place on Thursday 4/11. The flyer is pictured below and attached as well. It will be a great time for all, and will help raise money for Kelly Baker and her family. There will be Concessions, BBQ, Raffle Prizes, and Home Runs! Please come out and support!